Tips for Karaoke Singing

Karaoke singing can be a blast, but for some people it may seem a little scary until they get the hang of things. So if you’re one of those people, don’t worry, here are a few tips for karaoke singing to help you ease right into the fun of singing in front of an audience.

Whether you’re ready for a night out and want to sing karaoke in Baton Rouge, or you simply want to wind down and relax with a few tunes, there’s no reason why you can’t easily improve your karaoke performance!

• Be Ready – If you want to bring out the true star that’s been hiding inside all along, you must be ready before you even walk into that karaoke club. Most people don’t just notice what you’re singing or how great or not so great of a singer you are. They notice how you look. So if you want people to be wowed and give yourself a boost of confidence, you should at least make yourself a little presentable. And while a fancy dress or suit isn’t necessary, you might want to skip the ripped up jeans and bare it all shirt.

• Get There Early – Because karaoke is extremely popular, you’ll want to get there early enough to sign up for some songs. Otherwise you’ll learn very quickly that the regulars already know this and will get their chance to show off long before you will. However, there is an exception in some places like where I attend. If you’ve just walked in and want to sing the karaoke DJ (disc jockey) may go ahead and put you in as a new singer before those who have already sang. Just remember not every karaoke bar or club has this rule.

• Choose Wisely – If you’re really nervous about singing, sometimes the best thing to do is choose a song that is popular. Even if you aren’t the greatest singer, most people will enjoy your version of their favorite popular song or at least applaud you for trying.

• Just Breathe – One of the worst things to do before you hit the stage and try to belt out a tune is to breathe incorrectly. No, I’m not talking about simply breathing in and out. I’m talking about taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, then repeating the breathing technique a few more times. It’ll not only allow you to relax and just focus on the enjoyment of singing, it will also keep your vocal chords from becoming irritated after you sing.

• Now Sing – Okay, so just singing is not that simple for some of us. If you’re one of them, try and relax and use your imagination if you need to. Forget what everyone else thinks and just sing for you, not anyone else.

• Don’t Hurry – Besides not rushing through a song, don’t get in a hurry to go right after you’ve sang. This should also go for before you even arrive. You should expect that many Baton Rouge karaoke places may decide to start 30 minutes later than the original time indicated or they may decide to play all the way up until the bar or restaurant closes.

Okay, now that you’ve read the above tips for karaoke singing, why not give yourself a boost of self-confidence and try them out!

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