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Tips for Karaoke Singing

Karaoke singing can be a blast, but for some people it may seem a little scary until they get the hang of things. So if you’re one of those people, don’t worry, here are a few tips for karaoke singing to help you ease right into the fun of singing in front of an audience.

Whether you’re ready for a night out and want to sing karaoke in Baton Rouge, or you simply want to wind down and relax with a few tunes, there’s no reason why you can’t easily improve your karaoke performance!

• Be Ready – If you want to bring out the true star that’s been hiding inside all along, you must be ready before you even walk into that karaoke club. Most people don’t just notice what you’re singing or how great or not so great of a singer you are. They notice how you look. So if you want people to be wowed and give yourself a boost of confidence, you should at least make yourself a little presentable. And while a fancy dress or suit isn’t necessary, you might want to skip the ripped up jeans and bare it all shirt.

• Get There Early – Because karaoke is extremely popular, you’ll want to get there early enough to sign up for some songs. Otherwise you’ll learn very quickly that the regulars already know this and will get their chance to show off long before you will. However, there is an exception in some places like where I attend. If you’ve just walked in and want to sing the karaoke DJ (disc jockey) may go ahead and put you in as a new singer before those who have already sang. Just remember not every karaoke bar or club has this rule.

• Choose Wisely – If you’re really nervous about singing, sometimes the best thing to do is choose a song that is popular. Even if you aren’t the greatest singer, most people will enjoy your version of their favorite popular song or at least applaud you for trying.

• Just Breathe – One of the worst things to do before you hit the stage and try to belt out a tune is to breathe incorrectly. No, I’m not talking about simply breathing in and out. I’m talking about taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, then repeating the breathing technique a few more times. It’ll not only allow you to relax and just focus on the enjoyment of singing, it will also keep your vocal chords from becoming irritated after you sing.

• Now Sing – Okay, so just singing is not that simple for some of us. If you’re one of them, try and relax and use your imagination if you need to. Forget what everyone else thinks and just sing for you, not anyone else.

• Don’t Hurry – Besides not rushing through a song, don’t get in a hurry to go right after you’ve sang. This should also go for before you even arrive. You should expect that many Baton Rouge karaoke places may decide to start 30 minutes later than the original time indicated or they may decide to play all the way up until the bar or restaurant closes.

Okay, now that you’ve read the above tips for karaoke singing, why not give yourself a boost of self-confidence and try them out!


What to Look for in a Karaoke Bar

If you love singing and you’re in Louisiana why not try a little Baton Rouge karaoke. Not only is it a great way to spend time with your friends, it’s also a fantastic way to express yourself through the joy of music.

And if you think these types of bars are a thing of the past, think again. In practically every state in the United States as well as internationally, more and more people are becoming interested in both singing and listening to karaoke singing.

However, even with its popularity, not every business is really equipped to entertain a crowd with live karaoke. Here’s what to look for:

  • First and foremost it’s probably best if you look for a place that hires professional DJ services in their establishment since those who don’t will probably only have a simple little machine set up for karaoke. Believe me, it can make all the difference in the world when you don’t have great sound quality to belt out those tunes.
  • It’s also a good idea to check out the assortment of music that the DJ service has to offer for singing. A variety of music (the bigger the better) is a good chance for you to sing and even try out tunes you never thought you could. So you definitely want to make sure there’s a good selection of classic music and the latest as well as country to rock. After all, not everyone likes the same era or even genre.
  • A lot of the problems many people have had in the past with singing is being put on a stage in front of crowds. Of course for most of us who love to sing, it’s the thrill of being on that stage that really gets us going. If you like the stage scene, then you’ll want to find a place where there’s plenty of room to move around freely or if you’re not so fond of that scene, you might try places where they allow you to simple sit at your table and sing.
  • And while you’re at it, make sure wherever you’re at you can see the screen to read the words, otherwise unless you know the song by heart, you’re going to be at a loss for words if you can’t see what to sing.
  • Also look for a disc jockey that doesn’t hog the microphone, allow people to sing several songs in a row, let people sing the same songs over and over or plays more dance music than anything else. It’s a real disappointment when you’ve come to sing only to find out you may have to wait hours just to get one song in.
  • And on that note, if you want to sing several songs, you might want to look for a place where there’s not a huge crowd or go on a night where there aren’t a lot of karaoke’ers.

And while there are a few places that do charge to sing, most don’t. So if you’re lucky enough to find a place where the cover charge and singing are both free then you should at least make it a point to buy a drink. Most bars now offer soda, tea, water and juice, so if you’re not fond of alcohol, you have an alternative. It’s also a safer approach if you have friends who are planning to drink and need a driver. After all, you want to make sure that you are able to come back and sing again at your new favorite Baton Rouge karaoke club.


Kids Love Karaoke in Baton Rouge

There’s no doubt about it, kids love karaoke. There are really is no age boundary when it comes to the joy of singing and children (even the little ones) are certainly no exception. With many of the latest hits being re-released into kid’s songs, it’s certainly not surprising that many establishments are offering the younger crowds a chance to express themselves. Like for instance, karaoke in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Everyone enjoys music so the idea that many places in the city are willing to offer little ones a chance to sing their favorite songs is wonderful! A child loves being able to imitate singers and being able to show off their talents gives them much more than the fact that they like being the center of attention.

However, if you’re like most parents, the idea of your child singing where strangers can hear them probably has you avoiding this type of public scene all together. Instead you may consider running to your local discount store and buying one of those kids karaoke machines to give your child a chance to sing that way.

And while it’s always a great idea to give your kid a way to express him or herself in other ways, it shouldn’t be their only opportunity.  Being able to sing in front of your family just isn’t enough.

Many older children and even adults often have difficulty speaking in front of others and singing is no exception. So when a child is able to sing in front of people they don’t know, they’re building the self-confidence that they need in life. A child who is allowed to show off their talents at a young age will have an easier advantage of standing up to deliver that book report in class as a teen.

Not to mention that most children often have difficulty with reading. They find it frustrating and everything but fun. Karaoke with a dj service or at a Baton Rouge karaoke establishment allows a child to enjoy reading without having to worry about a teacher correcting their vocabulary or mispronunciation of the words. Yet they’re still learning while they’re singing with each word that goes across the screen.

And then there is the fact that a child can actually learn to appreciate music as a result of karaoke. They may even one day find themselves interested in learning how to play a musical instrument or at the very least decide to join the choir.

However, on that note – you should never force your child into singing. Doing so can cause them to learn to hate music. So please don’t become one of those parents who believe they always know what’s best for their children.

You should also never try to live your music stardom through your children either. Let them be the ones to decide whether they should pursue their musical interests further. After all, while most kids love karaoke, there will always be a child who would rather stay out of the spotlight and that’s perfectly okay!


Having Fun with Karaoke in Baton Rouge

While many people believe that karaoke in Baton Rouge only involves singing at a bar – this simply isn’t true. Many more establishments like restaurants offer this favorite past time where any age range can get up in front of a crowd and sing their favorite songs. Isn’t it nice to know that you no longer have to listen to people who’ve been forced into singing that have had a few too many drinks?

And although there are still quite a few bars and restaurants that offer DJ services in Baton Rouge for this fun service, for those who prefer to have a few drinks to muster up their courage to sing, there are many great establishments where the entire family can enjoy singing. So what’s so fun about this now extremely popular form of entertainment?

Well, not only can you enjoy an evening out with the entire family, you can also choose to stay at home and sing if your budget allows it. There are many very inexpensive karaoke machines that will allow you and the kids to belt out your favorite tunes without having to worry about what other people think. It’s also a great way to get the kids comfortable with singing while building their confidence as well.

• But, if you prefer to get out of the house, you’ll want to bring a video camera or at the very least a digital camera. That way you can take a lot of pictures of the kids and have memories that they can treasure for years to come.

• If you haven’t gotten as far as starting a family yet, you can ask your friends to join you for a night of singing fun. It’s always more fun to sing with friends rather than sing with people you don’t even know, so the more friends you invite, the more fun you’ll have.

• Remember, not all of your friends (or family members) will want to sing, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be singing just because they don’t want to. Show off your talents or poke fun at songs that will grab everyone’s attention. After all, you’re there to have fun!

And don’t fret about not having a terrific voice just because you heard another karaoke singer sing a song perfectly. Karaoke is not about having that great voice. It’s about having a great time and visiting with your friends.
Be nice and clap after every singer finishes his or her song. Maybe you didn’t like the song or maybe you just don’t feel like clapping, but do it anyway. It’s always nice to get a positive reaction from the crowd no matter how good of a singer you are and no matter how fantastic the Baton Rouge karaoke crowd may be.


All About Karaoke

Did you know that karaoke has been around since the 1970’s? It began in Japan at a bar where some people claim that a guitarist wasn’t able to play one night, so musical recordings were made and customers began singing along with the music. And soon it made it’s way to other countries including the United States.

In Japan, the term “kara” means empty and “oke” means orchestra. In the United States we know it as simply removing the words from a song and leaving in only the instrumentation parts. The words are then displayed on a screen so that the singer can sing their own version of the song.

The recordings were first placed on tapes, but as the years have made this type of entertainment even more popular than ever before, the songs were recorded on laser discs and then Compact discs for machine use. Today many places will allow the dj to simply play the songs on a computer with hi-tech musical equipment, screens and even lighting to really minimize space and give the customer an outstanding musical experience.

In addition, many clubs and bars have now focused their establishment specifically towards karaoke’ing. It’s not even unusual to find Louisiana Veterans who have karaoke in Baton Rouge and other cities dedicated to their VFW establishments. In fact, many of them offer family night so that any age can join in on the fun.

Most places even offer contests where the winner can receive money prizes for the best performance. It’s also not uncommon to find places where they’ve dedicated specific nights to karaoke’ers and if a budget allows in some cities like Baton Rouge karaoke services every night of the week.

Yet as the popularity of this favorite entertainment past time continues, more and more people are taking it seriously. Not only are places offering prize pots and applause, many singers are finding themselves landing a recording contract simply because agents have learned there is talent in karaoke’ing.

Yet public places aren’t the only one offering their dj services for karaoke’ers. Many private parties are insisting on this type of musical entertainment and even the World Wide Web is no stranger to this industry.

As a matter of fact, more and more people are finding that websites who cater to karaoke’ing are a great way to join in on the fun without having to worry about coming face to face with an audience in real-life all while sharing their talents with the entire world. They’re even learning that they can create their own playlists and upload their favorite songs to the websites. And others can even rate their musical performances. 

However, one of the many downfalls that some singers are finding is that many of the programs their computer stores does not comply with the plugins that allow them to sing. And the quality of playback is not the same for every listener due to sound cards. Most websites are also starting to charge a fee to sing, to make up for website fees, etc.

Of course some public places may also charge a fee, but there are more who don’t since they can offer other services than just karaoke. Still, no matter where you decide to sing, one thing remains and that is – karaoke is here to stay!