All About Karaoke

Did you know that karaoke has been around since the 1970’s? It began in Japan at a bar where some people claim that a guitarist wasn’t able to play one night, so musical recordings were made and customers began singing along with the music. And soon it made it’s way to other countries including the United States.

In Japan, the term “kara” means empty and “oke” means orchestra. In the United States we know it as simply removing the words from a song and leaving in only the instrumentation parts. The words are then displayed on a screen so that the singer can sing their own version of the song.

The recordings were first placed on tapes, but as the years have made this type of entertainment even more popular than ever before, the songs were recorded on laser discs and then Compact discs for machine use. Today many places will allow the dj to simply play the songs on a computer with hi-tech musical equipment, screens and even lighting to really minimize space and give the customer an outstanding musical experience.

In addition, many clubs and bars have now focused their establishment specifically towards karaoke’ing. It’s not even unusual to find Louisiana Veterans who have karaoke in Baton Rouge and other cities dedicated to their VFW establishments. In fact, many of them offer family night so that any age can join in on the fun.

Most places even offer contests where the winner can receive money prizes for the best performance. It’s also not uncommon to find places where they’ve dedicated specific nights to karaoke’ers and if a budget allows in some cities like Baton Rouge karaoke services every night of the week.

Yet as the popularity of this favorite entertainment past time continues, more and more people are taking it seriously. Not only are places offering prize pots and applause, many singers are finding themselves landing a recording contract simply because agents have learned there is talent in karaoke’ing.

Yet public places aren’t the only one offering their dj services for karaoke’ers. Many private parties are insisting on this type of musical entertainment and even the World Wide Web is no stranger to this industry.

As a matter of fact, more and more people are finding that websites who cater to karaoke’ing are a great way to join in on the fun without having to worry about coming face to face with an audience in real-life all while sharing their talents with the entire world. They’re even learning that they can create their own playlists and upload their favorite songs to the websites. And others can even rate their musical performances. 

However, one of the many downfalls that some singers are finding is that many of the programs their computer stores does not comply with the plugins that allow them to sing. And the quality of playback is not the same for every listener due to sound cards. Most websites are also starting to charge a fee to sing, to make up for website fees, etc.

Of course some public places may also charge a fee, but there are more who don’t since they can offer other services than just karaoke. Still, no matter where you decide to sing, one thing remains and that is – karaoke is here to stay!

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